Hair Follicle Testing provides evidence of historical and habitual drug & alcohol use

Urine, body fluids and saliva DO NOT.

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Hair Follicle testing meets all legal requirements for:

Pre-employment | Employment | Professional Athletes | Court Requirements inc. Family Court


At Hair Follicle Testing Australia our methods utilise the smallest amount of hair required for testing, ​in addition to much more streamlined packaging and transportation of samples when compared to other testing methods. The patented system we use removes virtually 100% of the drugs from the hair follicle.

Studies have shown this form of testing to identify up to 10 times more drug users than urinalysis testing.

Should the situation arise where the results of a hair analysis are challenged, re-testing is able to be performed due to the wide window of detection available through hair testing. This same window of detection is not available in other testing methods.

Whilst urine testing is a lower up front cost it is also a much lower detection rate and greater risk of falsified results. Hair Follicle testing provides a far superior detection rate which in turn reduces costs incurred through false testing, accidents and general workplace issues that arise from drug affected employees. ​

Hair Follicle Testing provides a long term analysis of drug use. Hair follicles chronologically record drug use which allows for a summation of the approximate drug use patterns and quantities. This is not available with urine testing. Anyone that wants to beat a urine drug test can do so easily. The information on "how to beat the drug test" is widely available. Unlike urine testing, hair follicle testing cannot be easily falsified when tested under our strict collection procedures.​

Pre-employment Hair Follicle Testing allows you to establish and maintain a safe workplace

Advantages of hair testing

• provides information on a person’s pattern of drug use and does not record “one-off” or occasional use

• impossible to ‘cheat’ a hair test (except by using someone else’s hair). Bleaching and dyeing of the hair do not compromise the testing given the unique washing process used by Psychemedics

• provides a longer history than urine testing for criminal and family law matters (around 3 months) and as part of the Pre-Employment investigation process

• useful in managing an employee or offender under community supervision who has previously submitted a positive test and is in a rehabilitation programme

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